Are you interested in family history, house history, local history or other historical research?

• Who were my ancestors? Where did they live? What did they do? Are my family stories true?
• When was my house built? Who lived in it? What did it look like? How has it changed?
• What is the history of this place? Who lived or worked here? Is a local legend true?
• Can information be found for my project? Can relatives be traced or stories of media interest uncovered?

Are you looking for professional help?

• I’d like someone to research for me – can you help?
• I’d like to do the research myself – can you advise or mentor me?
• I’m stuck with my own research – can you help me over my brick wall?
• I’m looking for a gift – can you put together something special?
• I’m considering a corporate or media project – is it feasible?

I can help you find the answers

• I research family, house and local history, trace living people and do other historical research projects.
• I will research for you, online and at local archives, or offer you advice and mentoring as you do your own research.
• All my work is tailored to your individual requirements and your specific budget.